How to See the Best of San Francisco in One Day
Published On September 15, 2017

September 15, 2017

One holiday is not enough to explore all of San Francisco, unless you intend to spend weeks if not months. However, you can tick many things to do in San Francisco in one vacation if you plan well. Efficiency and strategic planning would be the key so here is a brief guide to help you see the best of San Francisco in one day.

1-Day Itinerary in SF

Alcatraz Island is one of the top things to see in San Francisco but it would take a long time. The ferry rides, the tour and the unavoidable time here and there will take up half a day. You can instead start with a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge, explore the attractions at the Presidio, hit Marina District, check out Ghirardelli Square and Lombard Street, Pier 39, North Beach, Coit Tower, Exploratorium, Chinatown, the Financial District and then be at Union Square in the evening. You could also head out to South Beach after your dinner for a nice stroll.

All these places are along the popular 49-mile drive of San Francisco. The places we have just mentioned more or less take up one fourth of the route of 49 mile drive. Since the entire drive doesn’t take longer than a day, you would be able to actually check out these places that only take up about a fourth of the whole trip. The scenic drive is also an option for you but you wouldn’t get to spend much time at all the interesting places en-route.

You can embark on walking tours, take the cable car when necessary or you can drive around. Since you are trying to pack in quite a few places in a one day itinerary, it is better if you have a car. Waiting for a cable car, which is usually ten minutes, and then walking to the various hotspots can end up as wastage of precious time. You may even consider signing up for a guided tour. Some agencies or tour companies have one-day packages covering the top things to see and do in San Francisco.

Stay at Minna Hotel

Minna Hotel is located in the South of Market neighborhood, just a mile south of Union Square. It is found along the 49-mile drive. More than a dozen attractions are within walking distance from Minna Hotel. You can easily explore all the aforementioned places in one day if you stay here. Book your accommodation directly at the hotel website to get the best rates.