Exploring Golden Gate Park In San Francisco
Published On October 15, 2017

October 15, 2017

Golden Gate Park is a large urban park that stretches some 3 miles from Ocean Beach to the center of San Francsico. Golden Gate Park was created in the 1870s. This major public park hosts more than 13 million visitors each year!  Golden Gate Park is one of the largest man made parks in an urban center and is 20% larger than the famous Central Park of New York as it extends over 1017 acres in the heart of San Francisco.  If you think that this park is nothing else than giant patch of green grass and plants then you are mistaken! Golden Gate Park is en eclectic place where you can you see fine art, row a boat, smell exotic flowers, take a break from city life, visit an aquarium, have Japanese tea and get charmed by American bison all in one spot.

Exquisite surroundings: The Park is full of lakes, hills, meadows and variety of gardens housing exotic varieties of flowers. It is an ideal spot to plan a picnic, relax, read a book, click photos or just see the sun go down! Benches near Stow Lake, one of the lakes in Golden Gate Park gives you a view of entire garden and you would also see some of the swans and ducks floating by on the waters of the lake. The surrounding areas of Stow Lake include Shakespeare’s Garden which contain flowers and plants as mentioned in Shakespeare’s novels; Chinese Pavilion, The Rose Garden, and the Japanese

Tea Garden area also nearby.

Dimensions of Art & Science: The de Young Museum located in the premises of the park attracts art lovers with its collection of art from around the world. This museum since 1894 has hosted a collection of unique and praiseworthy forms of art. Even if you are not an art lover, you would admire the collection and concentration of art here. This museum also hosts grand exhibition throughout the year where people from different parts of the world participate. Golden Gate Park is also home to San Francisco’s largest science museum, The California Academy of Sciences. This special place is home to many species of plants and animals, a digital planetarium and special exhibits detailing prehistory to space exploration.
Get active: Golden Gate Park is also a haven for sports and recreational hobbies! You can see people skating, jogging, playing basketball, tennis and even sports like golf and polo!  Golden Gate Park has baseball diamonds and a nine hole municipal golf course in addition to expansive polo grounds.
Learn more about the facilities and special events at Golden Gate Park here: https://goldengatepark.com/

Golden Gate Park is administered by the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department and while the park is open 24 hours a day, many areas of the park including museums have restricted hours or charge admission.
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